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Being Creative

Are you looking for something unique? Something which stands out above the rest? Well you have come to the right place

Why work with me? Why do I have an interest in dancing, I come from a sports background since I was wee high to a grasshopper. For me there is something to be said for the beauty, poise and elegance vs that of either brute strength  and sheer speed. You see kids playing in the park, football, basketball, but dancers (and acrobats) all of their hard work is behind closed doors and locked away from the world until it is time to be on stage.

For me I wanted to bring some of that out and show that it shouldn't be confined to the stage, bring on the bridges, the beaches or the urban midst of the middle of my home town.  I wanted Explore something creatively that allows me to flex my creative muscles (metaphorically) and push the boundaries of what can be done.

Do I shoot portfolios for dancers? yes,
Do I shoot headshots? Yes.
Can I combine both into one session with you? Yes 

I want to make something special for you,  combining creativity and the range of motion that you are used to using.  For me I love to experiment a little more, using your skills and abilities to make something stand out.

Each shoot is tailored to you and your individual requirements, sessions start from £175.  please contact me either in email (click here) or you can drop me a message via my facebook site.

Some of these images have been featured in both living north  (click here) and the Phoblographer (click here)
Tanya 3
powder ellie-5
lynsey 2
Julz lightsabre-1001
Chris RR - 1
Julz lightsabre-1009
ET light-6
Chris RR - 12
Chris RR - 11
Julz Rain-9
ET light-2
Chris RR - 10
Chris RR - 2
Emilia Social-1012
Chris RR - 9
Chris RR - 8
Chris RR - 4
Kate 2
Julz Rain-2
Julz lightsabre-1003
Chris RR - 7
Chris RR - 5
Chris RR - 3
Chris RR - 6
Julz Rain-7
Emilia Social-1022
ET light-1
Emilia Social-1007
Emilia Social-1020
Ellie rothbury-8
Julz lightsabre-1007
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