When I first met Sheena and Derick, I instantly felt their happiness, from the way Derick laughed at Sheena’s jokes, to his constant cracks that the vintage bus they were using for transport on the day was the only thing older than him.  Derick had said after months of chasing she'd finally given in and now the wedding was all up to Sheena. Sheena wanted a lighthouse so a lighthouse wedding is what she gets.

When I arrived, and I always plan to get there a little early, I was slightly perturbed to see that the vintage bus had arrived even earlier than me.  Wow he must be even keener than I.  It was big, bright red, beautifully perfect and able to take all their guests from one place to another. When we were preparing the what photos to get I was asked not to do any preparation photos (which was totally cool with me). But as it turned out I had to speak to the Sheena and she said she was decent and come up. Then you find her just putting on the final touches of her jewelry and you go, “she looks beautiful”, you just know this is going to be a good day and I had to take the shot anyway..

With being upstairs I had managed to capture one of those "time stands still moments"  That first look when the groom sees the woman he is spending the rest of his life with and his face says everything: love; affection; contentment and happiness all in one expression.  Capturing this moment was one of the benefits of traveling from the same place together. 


With guests starting to arrive I headed down and about to say hello and see what all the noise was. I was then hollered for, as Sheena had managed to get from upstairs to downstairs and out the door and was then climbing barefoot in the driver’s cab of her big red bus. 

One of those things I have learned from wedding days is to never to rely on anyone's timings one hundred percent. Today being no exception and the bus being faster than planned. Gaining the bride and groom an additional half an hour in their day. Embracing the cloudy weather I was got them down on the causeway, and on the route to their wedding.  What could go wrong with a white dress on the sand at St Mary’s island? well with that in mind i kept them both on dry land and rocks but with the watery reflections and the beautiful backdrop, how could we not get a great photo. 

With the bus being so far ahead of time I found myself standing taking a photo of the group, lowering the camera and Sheena linking arms with me and thanking me for being the photographer. I must say it was an absolute pleasure and with a final word from Derick it was time for me to depart from a truly excellent and happy half day and let them put their hair down completely for the rest of their day. 



A awesomely good day, in my opinion and I smiled all the way through the editing. 


Good luck to you both!

Both Sheena and Derick welcomed their guests to be seated ahead of Sheena making the best entrance I've seen. She waltzed into the room to Nat King Cole, to smiles from the congregation and a big smile from Derick. Not to be outdone by the entrance the exit was on par, if not a little better due to the massive amounts of fun being had by the bride and groom. Definitely a brilliant first dance opportunity, I've seen yet

Heading up to Stannington and to their wedding breakfast, now as I had beaten the bus, I was super pleased to find that the field that I thought had lovely long grass(that I’d checked the week before) had now gone a brilliant shade of yellow with all the wild buttercups (someone can correct me if I’m wrong?).  The plan worked even better than expected and I even got them both climbing the fence and over into the field. 

Seeing the seals around the lighthouse, went on to “do you want to go up the lighthouse?” I wasn't 100% sure if either would go for it, but after Sheena asking “do we not need to pay?” and me assuring them it was included as part of the deal, off we went. I only had to remind Sheena once that it was her wedding day and she could do anything she wanted.  I actually think I might have come off worse for wear, as I hadn't really considered climbing 60 meters with an extra 20kgs of photography gear on my back and in my hands (more training needed for next time I think). 

Champagne on the bus was the next port of call, both Sheena and Derick got stuck in popping corks and making sure everyone had a drink, she even laughed when Derick was trying to use the emergency button to get out of the wedding. What caught Sheena's attention more than the champagne was a 1970's motorbike rolling up beside the bus. She just had to go and have a look.  It’s not her own 1970’s Honda she has in the garage, but still good enough to go have a chat with the rider. Back on the bus and off to the next port of call. 

@2017 by ChrIs Rennison-Rae

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