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Kisses, Custom Suits and Casino Tables

Rachel and Mark got married in the beautiful central city location of As you like it in Jesmond. From the moment I arrived, I found Mark chilling with the best man, dressed in a custom suits by Duke Ata Bespoke and looking very dapper.  He was sporting a silver topped gentlemans cane, although he might have a hard time keeping hold of it if his boy has anything to do with it.

I said my hello’s, then headed downstairs to see everything set up for the ceremony. From rose petals on the mantle pieces, to the bulldogs on the top of the cakes, I was making sure those details were captured.. While this might get the best man in trouble (another Mark) I found the wedding rings sitting on the registrars table. A custom made Judge Dredd box for bespoke rings. Both Rings and box were both awesomely designed.  I even found out the story a little back story of the box. Which was: Rachel had asked Mark what his favourite superhero/comic character was and after a long dramatic pause, He liked the idea of being "the Law". Details like this are definitely a win in my book.

With the guests and family starting coming from the bar to the ceremony room. It was my cue to head back up stairs for the last few shots with the groomsmen before Rachel and her bridesmaids arrived.

With Rachel's imminent arrival, albeit by a different mode of transport than planned (The limo hadn't turned up, but don’t ask me which company). While I stood outside waiting, Rachel and bridesmaids arrived after being rescued by her next door neighbour (top chap). 

The obligatory dress checks, a good fluff out of the train and we were ready to walk on inside

A few smiles and cheeky moments from the girls to follow before they were ready to make their entrance

With everyone waiting downstairs, it was time for Rachel to make her arrival. They all looked fabulous while walking down the rustic aisle and Rachel was walked down the aisle by her grandfather. I totally love the moment where she leaned in and gave him a kiss.

Let the Ceremony commence

After the nervous look around to see if anyone objected, the "I do’s" were said and the kiss was had. Mark and Rachel walked back down the aisle and upstairs to start their drinks reception.  

I must admit I love floating and catching the candid shots of everyone, just grabbing a few moments with the bride and groom on the balcony for some photos and general catch up which is just what they ordered. 

One of my favourite photos of the day was the children acting (well maybe not acting) like they wanted to be sick when Rachel and Mark had a kiss during one of the formal shots. They were all really trying to look the other way when this shot was taken, and I don’t think they needed any encouragement to pretend to be looking a little bit green. 

A few more candid shots through the drinks and canapés and the guests were ushered downstairs which gave me a perfect opportunity to take 5 minutes to get Rachel and Mark outside for a few shots together, nothing too formal, but it also gave them a few minutes out. 

With the room turned round and just before the night starting it was time it was time for the bride and groom to pop downstairs to check out the final details before their guests arrived. I love these natural moments when you manage to get the bride and groom all by themselves.  These moments make the wedding day. 

With the night time commencing, the casino tables, cheese table and fireball whisky were all prepared for everyone and it was time for me to float and capture the goings on, from in depth conversations, to the kids owning giving their best impressions of Bugsy Malone and owning the roulette tables.  

With the night proceeding it was time for the first dance and I absolutely love this venue for the intimacy that is brought with a first dance, be it the twinkles on the roof, to the low ceiling, to the way everyone has to bustle around to get a good view.  There is always something exceptionally pretty about a first dance and they danced it well.

With the first dance ending, that was my cue to head out and to say good night and congratulations to the newly weds.

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