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Town, Trains and a Taxi or two

Ross and Lisa Social-10402.jpg

A sunny day in Newcastle Town: That was where I started my day, meeting Lisa at the hotel for some bridal preparation photos before heading to St Georges Church, on the coast in Tynemouth.  Then back to Newcastle for their wedding reception. It was going to be a busy logistical day (please read parking fun)……now onto the start of the day

Ross and Lisa Social-10018.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10007.jpg

When I arrived at the hotel, I met Lisa in the throws of having her makeup completed.  I set about capturing those small details, a set of new Nikes, a new set of Sebastian socks (of little mermaid fame) and her new Jimmy Choos. The Jimmy Choos became a talking point all day long, as Ross was utterly surprised with Lisa getting them having worn them at the practice run through all of 48 hours before.

Ross and Lisa Social-10002.jpg

As the Assembly rooms was across the road from the hotels, I took the opportunity to run across the road to see the room set up and the small details were there, including Ross & Lisa's own Gin (which was lovely, thanks for the bottle).


On a quick walk back to the hotel, I noticed the cars had arrived and Ross was waiting inside the hotel ( he was staying on a different floor) and was ready to jump in them and get on his way with his best man to Tynemouth.

Ross and Lisa Social-10033.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10004.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10034.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10080.jpg

From the timings I knew that Lisa had, it was about the time to put her dress on, so off I ran to make sure I was there before her Dad. Its always such an emotional moment when the dads see their daughters for that first time in their wedding dress.


With a few moments of quiet time, the Jaffa cakes we're out while Lisa lounged in her Jimmy Choos and wedding dress (is there a better way to eat Jaffa cakes?). Her dad may have been nervously looking over his speech.

Ross and Lisa Social-10054.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10061.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10094.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10091.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10093.jpg

A mad dash for me ensued, all the way to Tynemouth, to catch Ross and his tartan trousers ahead of Lisa's arrival, and the guests arriving. Cue Lisa turning up a full 15 minutes before she was meant to. With being soooooooo excited she was eager to get the show on the road and headed for the church entrance until her bridesmaids said.. You need to wait! She settled back into her white London taxi cab wedding car for a few mins of chill time with her besties, a fix of her makeup and then a chat to the priest.

Ross and Lisa Social-10108.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10117.jpg

After a beautiful ceremony, and a quick wander back down the aisle, it was into the fresh sea air to meet and greet their family and friends.  I had even brought my step ladders in order to capture the group shot as I just knew there was nowhere to stand and get some height.

Ross and Lisa Social-10116.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10123.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10127.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10100.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10147.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10159.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10235.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10191.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10239.jpg

When Lisa, Ross and I had our chats leading up to the day, they'd decided that they wanted to go to the beach, I hadn't really thought about her climbing down the steps to Longsands or wandering across the sand in a pair of Jimmy's choos, but she ventured into the sinking sand and we even found a quiet spot of beach in Tynemouth at 22c temperatures.

Ross and Lisa Social-10242.jpg

OK.. The beach might not have been quiet, but thanks to everyone who moved out of our way, and who gave us a cheer.

Ross and Lisa Social-10246.jpg

Onwards to Newcastle, and to their red carpet arrival at the assembly rooms.


A few drinks and more congratulations, the married couple were ready for their introductions.

Ross and Lisa Social-10266.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10263.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10306.jpg

After the meal, we'd had the idea to take a wander into Central Newcastle and see what we could find. Lisa has a big love for trains so heading to the train station was top of the list.  On the way we had a number of shouts and whistles, and the first time this has happened to me on a wedding day but a proper full on photobomb (not even a background bomb), rock on in, throw up the peace sign and give us a smile.

Ross and Lisa Social-10400.jpg

With much hilarity caused by what happened with the photobombers outfit malfunction (I'd post the photo but it'd be non-child friendly), we were in the train station having a little wander.  The way the light falls into the station nearing sunset is just lovely and creates such a dramatic industrial backdrop (and not many people around at that time of night)

Ross and Lisa Social-10402.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10415.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10413.jpg

Both Ross and Lisa commented to me later that it was just such a relaxed spot in the day, to take some time out from the hi's and hello's and just let them be them.


We headed back over to the Assembly Rooms for the Ross and Lisa’s night time to start. A few more guests, a few more hello's and congratulations and the cake was ready to be cut.  This did mean the Lisa might have taken the knife to Ross which had much amusement all the way round.

Ross and Lisa Social-10447.jpg
Ross and Lisa Social-10448.jpg

Roll on a beautiful first dance, with the two of them waltzing along, before the rest joined in to welcome the bride and groom to  the fun part of their evening and with one final photo I was on my way.


Congratulations to Ross and Lisa, on their beautiful wedding day.

Ross and Lisa Social-10457.jpg
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