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Welcome back

I promised I wouldn't wait 6 months to write a second blog (two in August). This blog is a little more about my projects.

For those that have not been following long, my project work allows me to let the creativity and experimentation run away with itself, to not be worry of making a mistake/taking too much time and away from the pressure of a wedding day and/or a client work. It allows me to push the boundaries of my equipment and my photographic knowledge. I can't say these images are perfect or I've gained the total skill set on how to get a perfect image as yet. However, its good fun and each shoot has got better and better.

So you might ask, what is 2018's project?

Around November 2017 last year I came across a photographer called Eric Pare (his Instagram link), I was fascinated by the way he and his dancer, combined landscapes, dance and light painting all in one photo, to produce something quite amazing. It's taken a few months to build a lightsabre/ Lightstick that I'm happy with and which is bright enough to work with before getting someone to work with me. Project Status: Still shooting . I can though show off a few of the first images from it.

Why am I focusing this blog on more of my project work? well I've had a couple of publications this year, most notably for my 2017 project on levitation (more on that below).

2017 project: Levitation

In the early part of the year I was so thrilled, overjoyed (I may have got a little over excited there) to be published in Living Magazine. To see your photos in print a magazine that goes out to 10'000 people is quite astounding, there is something special about having a tactile thing to hold and look at, so again a huge thanks to Living magazine for the article. Even one of my brides sent me a picture from her spa, sitting there reading my article. There is something much better at having photos in print vs that of digital, we should all definitely print more photos. I've also given my first talk at a camera club as well (they asked me to come) EXCITING!

A bit more dance: Did you know that rain is as unreliable as sun in the UK? The below photos come from the third attempt at getting the right conditions to shoot in. This time we were standing around in the dark, jackets on, (it was February) waiting for the rain to start, it finally coming 75 mins late, and lasted all of about 25 mins but it did allow for these spectacular shots. Now if I said we were standing in a deserted car park in February at 8pm at night. Would you believe me?

I do get up at silly times, wander out in the rain or wind to be able to do something, This shoot was no exception, this time the first shoot of its type was rained off, and we were looking for a sunrise (at the start of august so read 4:00am alarm) I can give you only 2 sneak peeks from this. The sunrise was amazing and we got just what we wanted.

For the end of this year, I've got a few ideas of my sleeve, which with one of them, I believe anyone could be involved with, so If you'd like to be in front of the camera then comment below.

Until next time.


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