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Make me look strong

A commercial shoot: When I was approached by a Strong Woman/Personal trainer to shoot... Its not something I could turn down.

I love working with new people on interesting ideas that take unique directions. This was something I wanted to shoot and someone I wanted to work with. My brief was simple, "make me look strong", which she already was, but conveying that in images is always something of a fine balancing act.

I've seen a number of Fitness style shoots, which means put your gym wear on and pretend to lift. Coming from a sports background, it always infuriated me when you see someone who is pretending to play your sport and doing the basics but nothing that would actually earn you a place on a team. . So with that in mind, back to the brief "Make me look strong".

Conveying action, in a station place, without blurring the background or blurry hands is always an interesting thing to try and do. We settled on the use of the powder to help show off the movement and impact of each shot. I must admit I'm extremely pleased I did not have to tidy afterwards, apparently a 2 hours stint to remove all the powder using the hoover and mop and a lot of elbow grease.

We planned the shoot together, passing a lots of ideas passed back and forth and lists of equipment listed planned, replanned and relisted and worked out how and where to shoot.

We had an absolute blast doing this shoot. Even if the music might have been a touch too loud to concentrate fully.

If you'd like a fitness style shoot for you or for your business, please let me know and we can work something out.

Thanks for reading,


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