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A Long overdue ramble

Well this is getting to be a regular occurance…… I will do better on blogging, then fails spectaculary at blogging "yey go me" no sarcasm ever comes from me at all.

I know the reason is for this, which is being too busy and prioritising delivering customer photographs over blogging. "yes putting my existing customers first" with the goal of delivering superior service and experience to those that have already paid for it.

I’ve pretty much exclusively been shooting weddings since I last blogged, even (if you’ve been following on Instagram) my first destination wedding in Italy. Although, I did spend a day riding a golf cart chasing golfers round linden hall for hte PGA tour.

So with that in mind, where am I today writing this blog. Well, in at least 4 if not 5 places spanning a 6 month period. I'm current sat in my extension (built this year), Brussels Airport, Frankfurt Airport, the dentist (as I was 10 mins early) and I’m sat poolside in about 30C heat while my eldest swims, it might have been in a spot in Bari, Italy too. Oh the joys of trying to maximise the time I have. Yes its taken 6 months to write 1 blog about how i'm doing in 2019, Maybe I should edit the blog again (as its now 2020).

2019 was (not is) the busiest year of business yet, but 2020 is starting to look pretty busy already with 4 wedding open days coming up. Weddings are starting to be both big and small. Small from 3 hours up to monsters of 12, as I start to embrace the “Your day, Your way” along with post shoots and pre shoots all over the place. What do I mean by “Your day, your way”, well to me, just as every person is different, every wedding is different, so if you have a short wedding, a long wedding, a small wedding or a large wedding, each one has different requirements, from the number of details, to get it just right for you, getting your details captured just the way you want them and talking through what is and isn’t possible. What was new in 2019, Mini Vlog’s, I’ve also started mini Vlogs to the camera so you can get a feel from me more about my personality while looking at me as a photographer for you. It is certainly not natural for me to be in front of the camera and I do feel like a complete numpty sometimes, but if it lets you see what I’m up to, then even the better.

And While I've not posted it on here, but I might later, is the mini vlogs from behind the scenes at the PGA tour (yes that golf) and I did photograph it too.

Below is a little video highlight compilation from my Italian trip. The blog is coming but I'm not that cuaght up yet!

So what is the plan for 2020. More of Everything! the unexpected, the planned, the coping with life of constantly struggling and juggling with everything. More behind the scenes - follow me on Instagram for it. Hopefully although I'm not promising it, more blogs.

I'd also like to hear from you, so if you have a suggestion, drop me a DM or an mail, and let me know what you'd like to see on here. I also promise to write a few more Wedding blogs too, although they'll be more integrated into the full website. So without futher ado, here is a small selection from the venues, couples and shots that I’ve done this year and a few of what people think about me too. More photos coming in subsequent blogs.

Happy flicking

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